Alpha Team Medical, Authorized Alpha-Stim Distributor for Charlotte Metropolitan Area, North Carolina 

Experience Significant Relief from 
Anxiety, InsomniaDepression and Pain
(FDA Cleared, Safe and Effective Use for over 35 years)

Jack White is a Biochemist and Neuroscience Researcher who earned a BS in Biology with a concentration in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. He is the Founder and President of Alpha Team Medical, LLC a cutting-edge clinical education company specializing in the science of neuromodulation and autism. Since 2008 Jack has had the privilege and honor of working with top integrative medical doctors who treat autism related cognitive disorders.  

Pediatric physicians and Pediatric neurologist are recognizing the benefits of the Alpha-Stim for treating the symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, depression and pain experienced by their autistic patients. This creates many happy and thankful moms who are amazed to report being able to quickly calm, focus and relax their children after using the practitioner prescribed Alpha-Stim. Another reported benefit is undisturbed deep restorative sleep.

The affordable and portable Alpha-Stim medical device has been FDA cleared for the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, depression and pain. Because of its proven effectiveness the United States military uses it to treat and provide relief from the worse kind of combat trauma for its active troops and veterans.

Jack is a neuroscience researcher and presents "Autism and The Neuroscience of Brain Restoration" at weekly Neuromodulation Clinics for Dr. Jean-Ronel Corbier, Board Certified Pediatric Neurologist and Founder of The Brain Restoration Clinic, Charlotte North Carolina. 

Call Jack White, who is an Authorized Alpha-Stim Distributor for the Charlotte metropolitan, North Carolina Area at 704-287-1960 to schedule a complimentary Alpha-Stim® demonstration.

Charlotte, NC

Healthcare Practitioners who are using the Alpha-Stim.

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